This is Ava, she's 11 years old. I was probably thinking about smothered & covered burritos.

New Mexican spice with Minnesotan ice

When I start a project, I ask, “Does this fill a need? Does this need to be made?”

I don’t get a creative block, I resort to “procrastibaking.”

It takes two to Tango, the same goes for Salsa dancing. Consider this your invitation to dance or collaborate on a future project.

Things my mom is proud of me for: D&AD New Blood Pencil Award (I found out which one in July!), CMYK Magazine’s Top 100 Design Project, Atlanta Addy’s 2019 Grand Scholar

Current book recommendation: Beauty by Sagmeister & Walsh

Fun Facts: ENFJ, Enneagram 2, Gryffindor

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