This is Ava, she's 11 years old. I was probably thinking about smothered & covered burritos.

New Mexican spice with Minnesotan ice

When I start a project, I ask, “Does this fill a need? Does this need to be made?”

I don’t get a creative block, I resort to “procrastibaking.”

It takes two to Tango, the same goes for Salsa dancing. Consider this your invitation to dance or collaborate on a future project.

Things my mom is proud of me for:
D&AD New Blood Yellow Pencil Award for Workplace by Facebook
CMYK Magazine’s Top 100 Design Project
Atlanta Addy’s 2019 Grand Scholar
Selling 1,400 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies when my troop told me I couldn’t. (True Story)

Current book recommendation: Beauty by Sagmeister & Walsh

Fun Facts: ENFJ, Enneagram 2, Gryffindor

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