Alzheimer’s patients use shape when remembering objects, not color.

To utilize this insight, an identity system will be developed around unique shapes. Essentially, anywhere someone with Alzheimer's sees these symbols, they will register the meaning even after they lose their power over language.


Patches that relay health data to caregivers will be created, thus ensuring patients can be monitored remotely or self-monitor without losing freedom.


New patches will be mailed directly to patients with tailored reminders printed on them.


The phone app gives the power back to the patient.

The Memoria app will allow patients to store memories in a way that will remain accessible to them regardless of the progression of their disease. Other features include displaying upcoming appointments, health data, and answers to medical questions.


Syncs with app

Caregivers can check that pills have been taken on time.


Promotional material will be created to introduce the memory system and its benefits.  


Copywriter: Juan Camillo Garza