One for me, another one for me.

There are two Pop Tarts, and since there are two, you feel pressure to share with others.

Copywriter: Aaron Hirsch


Consecutive billboards will highlight the tag. The first Billboard will say “One For Me,” and then shortly after, the second billboard will complete the message, saying “Another one for me.”

Second Pop Tart

Messages on the second Pop Tart itself will invite snackers to be selfish and not share their final Pop Tart.


Pop Tart Silencer Swag

How can they ask you for a Pop Tart when they don’t know you opened the bag?


Solo Valentine’s Box

During Valentines Day, PopTart’s will show singles who are left out that not having to share with anyone has its benefits. After confirming through Facebook, singles will be able to order their singles box to arrive at their office on Valentine’s Day. 


Copywriter: Aaron Hirsch